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Cloud Postgres automates the installation, configuration, and monitoring of two-node PostgreSQL clusters.

Cloud Postgres is a PostgreSQL cluster automation tool. It automates the installation, configuration, and monitoring of PostgreSQL clusters on the Open Hosting platform.


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Open Hosting offers Ubuntu 12.04 LTS


We’ve added another pre-installed image to our library: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, the current Long Term Support (LTS) release. As with the other pre-install images, you need only to create a server and the Open Hosting platform will implicitly create a drive with the OS already installed.


The desktop installation takes a few minutes, because it requires a drive of at least 4GBs for installation. This is a kitchen sink build, which includes the desktop and office and most every package.

The server Installation, on the other hand, takes less than a minute, and no more than 1GB is required for a healthy install. Like our other pre-install systems, it is a minimal build.

As with all the other pre-installed images:

  1. The VNC password is platform-generated and found near your server.
  2. When connecting by VNC, you can login by typing “root” without providing a password.
  3. The root user is disabled for SSH and other remote access.
  4. For accessing by SSH, use the toor user and enter the VNC password.

Recommended Firsts for SQL Server


To help configure Microsoft SQL Server for the cloud, we’ve prepared some tips.

After creating a server from our Microsoft SQL Server pre-install, you’ll need to install and configure SQL Server. But, before beginning the SQL Server installation, please review Windows Firsts to ensure your Windows server is best configured for Open Hosting.

Price Reductions on CPU and Bandwidth


Effective today, we’ve reduced our CPU pricing across the board by 50% and our bandwidth pricing by 20%.

The calculator has been updated to reflect our new pricing schedule.

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Go Science!


Set in motion by an Atlas 5 rocket, and after having been delivered within a mile of the Martian surface by a very beautiful parachute, Curiosity was lowered to the surface of Mars by a crane held aloft by rockets.

If you’re scratching your head, watch these slides.

The London Olympics commands all the attention. And, this happened all of a few days ago. But, around these parts, that at a one-ton, six-wheel, remote control truck rests on the surface of Mars awaiting a command from Earth to discover alien life, is all the news that matters – sorry, Gabby.

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