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Open Hosting Inc. Now Offers Microsoft Windows 2012


We’re pleased to announce that our customers now have the option to run a pre-installed image of Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard.

As a participant in the Microsoft Services Provider License Program (SPLA), we can make Microsoft licenses directly available to you.  The monthly rate for Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard is $25. Alternatively, you can use the API to upload Windows and install a license of your own.

Recommended Firsts for SQL Server


To help configure Microsoft SQL Server for the cloud, we’ve prepared some tips.

After creating a server from our Microsoft SQL Server pre-install, you’ll need to install and configure SQL Server. But, before beginning the SQL Server installation, please review Windows Firsts to ensure your Windows server is best configured for Open Hosting.

Recommended Firsts for Windows

"Window from Verona" by Erick Gonzalez

After creating a Windows pre-install, we recommend you follow these steps to patch and secure your newly deployed Windows server:


  • Specify at Least 4GB of RAM: By default, servers are created with 1GB of RAM. Windows requires more than that; we’ve found 4GB to be sufficient for standard use.


  • Specify at Least 2 Cores: We’ve found that Windows gets happier with more cores, and we recommend at least two. While the server is shut down, navigate to the server configuration page to explicitly set the number of cores.


Configuring Windows Server with VLANs

Construction of the Ames Wind Tunnel

We feel our platform is terrific for Microsoft Windows. And, our VLANs are a great way to privately network your servers. The physical network infrastructure over which the VLANs route traffic have no contact with the Internet. Plus, the traffic is unmetered, and very fast. But, getting Windows Server 2008 to properly recognize our VLANs can be a little tricky.

Windows Security & Remote Desktop


Among the first things you should do after deploying Windows at Open Hosting is enable our platform firewall and enable Microsoft Remote Desktop.

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