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Refugees from the Amazon

Often, we’re asked: Why Open Hosting over Amazon’s AWS?

And our answer begins with the three design principles that define our service:

  1. Cloud servers that behave like real servers
  2. Our platform can be understood using familiar terms: server, drive, IP address, public network, and private network. This familiar vocabulary promotes easy adoption and easy migration.

  3. An open source outlook
  4. Built on Linux-LVM, our platform will run your software without modification. Upload an existing server, upload an ISO, or start from scratch with a pre-installed system: however you start, we provide an execution environment designed to accommodate software without modification. And, as easy as it is to deploy infrastructure with Open Hosting, it’s just as easy to download your servers and go elsewhere.

  5. We like your software as it is
  6. Amazon’s AWS is an easy foil. They are the highest-profile provider of cloud hosting. No other company matches Amazon for its promise of massive scalability or for its range of computing services. For the moment, AWS defines the market. Yet, it remains an awkward novelty. Radical at its introduction, AWS introduced a new infrastructure model and an entirely new vocabulary: EC2, S3, SQS, EBS, Elastic IP, to name a few.

    Amazon bravely introduced a platform designed to support the most heavily trafficked websites and largest systems, but to realize Amazon’s promise of scale they ask a lot: your application needs to be designed for AWS, which means made from their toolkit. They are as much a framework as they are host.

    To be clear, we’re not selling what they’re selling. More than hosting, Amazon sells a toolkit from which to build software. We sell hosting services designed to run your software without modification, to run it fast, and to provide it with excellent network access.Also, consider Open Hosting because you want to limit vendor lock-in and increase portability. Or, because you appreciate the elegance of a simple platform that delivers for the majority.

    At Open Hosting, we like your software as it is. Upload and run.

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